B E A U T Y T I P S IV •

Photo 25-10-14 - 1 37 26 μ.μ.

Hello everyone!! Beauty TIPS vol4 is here!! Below are the make-up products from ERRE DUE I used for this look.

Lets see, for the FACE :

-I prime my face using Lumitouch Primer this helps prep the foundation
but also makes your make-up look a bit more flawless.

-I did the same for my eyes with the Eyeshadow Base

-Then I apply DD cream ,light foundation with all the beneficial qualities of a day cream and SPF 20 to help even out my skin


and add my True cover Concealer -101-  for my under eyes and blemishes .

I then add a little bit of my Compact oil-free Powder to help set


– I add MY Blush 202 on the apple of my cheeks.
-I add Wet and Dry Sparkler to the whole eye and then i used EYESHADOW 519 to create the outer corner
-I add two to three coats of mascara to finish off my eyes and that includes my bottom lashes too!I used XCESS 3D Mascara

BROWS : My brows are a bit “pale” so i ALWAYS color them with The Eye Brow Pencil 01.


Photo 25-10-14 - 1 38 36 μ.μ. Photo 25-10-14 - 2 16 48 μ.μ.

Photo 25-10-14 - 1 37 53 μ.μ.


Sunnies  Vendistas_Optics

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All the make up products are from  ERRE DUE 

Make up artist IRO PANAGIARI

Hair by Hair Studio Natasa

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