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Hello everyone!! Beauty post!- Finally! Below are the make-up products from ERRE DUE I used for this look and I use for everyday face wear!!

Lets see, for the FACE :

-I prime my face using Lumitouch Primer this helps prep the foundation
but also makes your make-up look a bit more flawless.

-I did the same for my eyes with the Eyeshadow Base

-Then I apply my CC Cream with 7 BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES IN 1 PRODUCT to help even out my skin and add my True cover Concealer -101-  for my under eyes and blemishes .

I then add a little bit of my Compact oil-free Powder to help set


– I start with the ERRE DUE Bronzing Powder to help define my cheekbones and after add my Blusher 101 
on the apple of my cheeks.
– I add Wet and Dry Sparkler (for eyes) to highlight my cheeks, plus it
gives me a pretty glow.
– I used EYESHADOW 514 to the whole eye and then to create the outer corner i used the SILKY PENCIL 01 (perf product) and Wet and Dry Sparkler for eyes (same i used to my cheeks 🙂 )
-I add two to three coats of mascara to finish off my eyes and that includes my
bottom lashes too!I used XCESS 3D Mascara (EXTRA TIP : for a much impressive result use eyelashes , in this case i used EYELURE READY TO WEAR LASH 117 )

Photo 6-10-14 - 11 07 52 π.μ.

BROWS : My brows are a bit “pale” so i color them with The Eye Brow Pencil 01.

LIPS :I love soft lips- nothing too crazy, just pretty enough to make my lips have a nice tint.

– I’m crazy about Jumbo Twist Lip Color 311 tint and rose tint-it gives me the perfect shape and shade of pink/berry lips.

Photo 6-10-14 - 12 47 39 μ.μ.

NAILS : I finished the look with the Exclusive nail Lacquer 254



You can have this make-up for a morning look at the office or at a meeting with your white shirt (must-have piece) , your pearl earrings and a knee-length midi skirt.

Μπορείτε να έχετε αυτό το make-up για ένα πρωινό λουκ στο γραφείο ή σε μια συνάντηση με το λευκό σας  πουκάμισο (must-have κομμάτι), τα μαργαριταρένια σκουλαρίκια και μια μιντι φούστα ως το γόνατο ή ένα παντελόνι.


For a complete office look put your specs. Mine are from the best store in town Vendistas_Optics

Για ένα ολοκληρωμένο λούκ γραφείου συμπληρώστε με τα γυαλιά οράσεως σας. Τα δικά μου είναι από το αγαπημένο και καλύτερο κατάστημα στην πόλη, Vendistas_Optics

Have a nice week everyone !!




BALMAIN EXTATIC  and you are definitely ready to go!!


Specs  Vendistas_Optics

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All the make up products are from  ERRE DUE 

White shirt :  BSB

Make up artist IRO PANAGIARI

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