T h e · B e a c h · P r o j e c t

 The Project was about the beach,the sea, the sun..the summer. Perfect clothes, perfect store, perfect people around! It was such a pleasure.. I want to give special thanks to Vasilis Tsegas, Gogo Mpasiouka for their help and my precious bro Kostas.. he is doing everything for me and i am really thankful and lucky to have.. Always with Sante the best coffee bar in town which has the best homemade cranberry lemonade !!! Give it a try people.. xoxox

Nancy wearing: sunglasses from Vendistas_Optics, Bracelets,necklaces, shirt and shorts Maison Scotch,watchNIXON, towel Scotch +soda and swimsuit juicy couture, all from PROJECT STORE.

Kostas wearing: sunglasses from Vendistas_Optics, swimsuit, shirt and bag Scotch +soda, watch NIXON all from PROJECT STORE.

Shooting G o g o M p a s i o u k a and assistant V a s i l i s T s e g a s

Editing K o s t a s · S p a t h i s

Enjoy 💋



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