Q u e e n · O f · T h e · S t r e e t

 Long day, much fun, great flavor and super casual outfit. For today we choose longboard, many jewellery and best coffee in town from Santé coffee bar…xoxo

wearing: total outfit from GRAVITY, sunglasses from Vendistas_Optics and jewellery from DRISTELA handmade creations

Shooting K o s t a s · S p a t h i s

Enjoy 💋




handmade cup by Kostas Spathis

8 thoughts on “Q u e e n · O f · T h e · S t r e e t”

  1. Σε όλα εκπληκτική! concept, outfits, style, layout…Πραγματικά χαίρομαι που σε έχω ανακαλύψει!

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