T r a n s p a r e n t · B a g s‏


  Bags are integral to our daily lives. Just look around and you will notice that there is a bag in everyone’s life. Be it a student, a working woman, a businessman, bags are everywhere.

  However, apart from serving the basic utility, modern bags have now become even a symbol of personal taste an style statement.Taking this a step ahead are the transparent bags which will be the best, alternative, playful, super stylish, trendy and fashionable choice for S/S 2013.

So take a break from your routine leather tote manage what you carry around with your bag and lighten up. Transparent bags simple or in eye caching colors are the best choice for this summer.. Fashion gurus did it for you!! Take a look xoxo

Editing by K o s t a s S p a t h i s 

Enjoy 💋


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